7524QCA Prototyping-Week 6

Time flies so fast. I am already halfway through this trimester. It has been a new experience for me as an online student. To be honest, online education is a little bit difficult for me due to this is my first trimester. I feel like lack of contact and inconvenient for asking and discussing questions with professor or classmates during the online lecture. It does not result only from the online education, also from my personality. I need to change to suit the new environment.

During this week, I submitted my assessment task 1 through the Blackboard. Furthermore, Vincent divided us into 5 groups for assessment task 3, which is a group practice.

Group Allocation

In my group, we created a Facebook group chatting to communicate and a Miro board for group mates to share creative ideas. We discussed our proposals on teams and finally decided to take Yiming’s idea as our work topic to manufacture a cushion that could help people gain a healthier lifestyle.

Ideas From My Group Mates

I kept working process on my six low-fidelity studies and researched for 3d printing this week. 3D printing is a kind of rapid prototyping technology, also known as additive manufacturing. The working principle of 3D printers is the same as that of ordinary printers, except that the printing materials are different. The printing materials of common printers are ink and paper, while 3D printers contain other printing materials such as PLA, ABS, TPU. 3D printers construct the object by printing these bondable materials layer by layer.

3D printing could be applied in many fields nowadays due to many advantages, such as helping designers significantly reduce the time and cost and offering more space to designers’ creative ideas. However, some shortcomings also exist. For example, material limitations, although 3D printing can achieve printing on plastics, certain metals, the printer has not yet reached a mature level. It cannot support the various materials that are exposed in daily life.

I used Sketchup to make this coffee cup model and sent it to Ultimaker. It was an excellent experience to create 3d model through 3d application. I will explore more 3D printing skills to engage my future designs.