7524QCA Prototyping- Week 12

It is the last week of this trimester and also the last class of this course. Our group made a presentation for displaying our product of Smart-Remedy. First, Pip and Mia described the details of our design process, and then Su taught Vincent how to use the product to monitor his posture. I also watched other groups’ presentation where many brilliant ideas and creations come up in this class. My groupmates took these images in class.

At the end of this class, on-campus students took a group picture. I am so happy to look at their happy face, and I look forward to coming to Australia as soon as possible not to miss a group picture like this again.

Talk about the experience of this course. First of all, I want to thank Vincent, who kindly taught and guide us this trimester and my group mates, who help me a lot during the group job. I had a good experience in this course. However, I want to say that the experience would be better if I could join the on-campus class. I hope I can go to Australia as soon as possible so that to be more helpful to my study. Finally, best wish to Vincent and my classmate, and good luck with our remaining courses.



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