7523QCA Emerging Design Futures-Week 9

2 min readJun 10, 2021


This week, Brett joined our class again. He provided brettacorp’s backstory and some other important information to us.

I started to design my booklet this week. I searched for some booklet templates on the internet.

Finally, I decided to follow this style to make my booklet due to it is simple, portable and easy to read. I plan to use green as the primary colour of the booklet because it is a booklet about asking people to plant more trees.

The introduction of Brettacorp would be the first part of my designed booklet, which includes Brettacorp’s backstory, intents and staffs, aim to tell the readers who they are and what they do.

The second part tells the importance of plants, including the information about plant’s benefits to humans, the ecosystem, and animals. It also is a part to tell people the reason why the world needs more trees.

In the third part, I planned to add some facts about deforestation in Australia that tells the truth about the country’s forest and pave the way for asking investments from corporate.

The last part includes Brettacorp’s contact information and gains if corporate would invest. This part aims to ask about potential investments.
I would search and put more details into each part this week.