7523QCA Emerging Design Futures-Week 8

The client, Brett, joined our class again this week. He talked about his version and answered a couple of questions, which come out from our classmates. Brett said that Brettcorp Inc’s goal is to plant 150 acres of trees in 5 years, and the hindrance is the lack of investment or funding. They need more money to achieve their goal.

Eleni also redivided the production options for us this week. I chose to produce an info package for corporations for attracting investments. It is not an easy job. I will try my best to design an attractive info package. In the class. Some classmates shared their ideas about how to make different productions on the Miro board.

Task 1 Ideas
Task 2 Ideas
Task 3 Ideas

Those ideas inspired me a lot. In my design plan, the info package includes 3 parts. The first part is the introduction of Brettacorp Inc, which contains the questions of who they are, what they do, and how they do. The second part is the emphasis of benefits that by the reforestation through Miyawaki method. The final part is what corporations could gain through investment.

I will start to produce the info package one by one step this week, although I am still hesitant for designing the layout and font of the info package. I hope everything will go well through the process of the info package.