7523QCA Emerging Design Futures-Week 3

2 min readApr 3, 2021

Hi, guys, do you have any ideas about the experience economy? I have thought about the topic since I had a third-week class. I did a little research about it. Today, I will share what I gained through this blog.

Experience economy was first proposed by B. Joseph. Pine II and Jams H. Gilmore defying an emerging form of economy.

The term of the experience economy was initially focused on business, it has related to tourism, infrastructure and other fields.

There are many factors to make the experience economy happen, such as the rapid development of technology, millennial purchasing power, and the increasing expectations of consumers.

It is true that we no longer simply make a purchase and go away as consumers. We desire a better experience.

After getting to know about the experience economy, I realize that I should aim for satisfying consumers’ expectation with empathy in my future design as a designer.