7523 QCA Emerging Design Futures-Week 12

2 min readJun 11, 2021


Time flies so fast, and it was already the last week of this trimester.

Eleni decided to postpone the deadline for the final assessment task to the 13th week due to there are too many assignments concentrated in the last week. The extension gave us more time to consider and finish our final assessment. I will keep working on the last assessment of the final output through the next week.

So in this weekly class, we showed our work through last week and got feedback from Eleni and other classmates. I shared my booklet draft and got many precious suggestions, such as adding a brettacorp’s logo, changing the booklet colour palette. I will polish my booklet base on these pieces of advice.

Talking about this course, I have learned that my design should not focus on only the present but also the future through many aspects such as sustainability and new materiality. In my future design, I should think more about the trend and modern needs and keep in touch with the latest technologies.

Lastly, I want to thank Eleni, who had kindly and generously taught me all trimester. I had learned a lot from this course.