7521QCA Design Thinking-Week 9

This week, Carolyn had a class about testing. Testing is a stage that helps us get feedback from users in order to refine our prototypes or build new ones.

Carolyn introduced many tips to help us get a great result from our testing. First, we need to prepare some questions that our prototypes should be answered. And then, choose a testing method and select the testers. After that, we conduct the test and record the feedback. Finally, we should evaluate feedback, learn and iterate the above process.

During our testing process, we chose the “I like, I wish” method. We let the testers experience our prototypes and asked prepared questions. After that, we found the answer to why they like or dislike those things. Finally, we put our findings into the “I like, I wish” grid and record the questions and suggestions the testers mentioned.

Through the test, we explored testers’ thoughts, feelings and advice. We got a lot of helpful feedback and decided to take an event as our final product due to it is an efficient way to help participants solve their mental issues by socializing and encouraging them to speak out loud. We will polish our event process this week and design something to make it real. The following image shows the current event process.



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