7521QCA Design Thinking- Week 6

I cannot believe that it is already halfway through this trimester. I haven’t felt the flies of time because of my intense study life online.

This week, I submitted product one, which is a poster that includes 3 stages of the design thinking process. I also got an email that contains an image of team allocation for product 2 from Carolyn as a confirmation.

In the Design thinking class this week, Carolyn talked about the stage of ideation, which means generating ideas or concepts. There are two stages in the ideation process: generating ideas and evaluating ideas.

The crucial element for ideation is thinking wild. At the first stage of ideation, we should generate as many ideas as possible for the problem without constraints. We used the “what if” question as an efficient way to brainstorm.

After the tutorial, my group had a meeting. We started with our “HMW” questions then ask “what if”. These tips help us to find a lot of proposals and ideas through brainstorming. We shared our coming out ideas on the Miro board and created a Teams channel for convenient communication. We have done well so far.