7521QCA Design Thinking-Week 11

2 min readJun 6, 2021


The trimester is about to end, and the last two weeks are destined to be busy with various assessment tasks.

As I mentioned last week, each of my teammates was assigned different missions for our team report and presentation. We had a meeting this week and shared the respective progress on everyone’s tasks.

I had done three parts of the report: prototyping selected ideas, testing and refining ideas and final solution. The following image shows my output.

Pu, one of my teammates, took charge of the presentation with the help of Feiyang. They made a logical Powerpoint. Furthermore, Pu did a presentation and recorded it as a video for display in next week class.

7521QCA- Team project-Presentation — YouTube

He also made the design of some event products, which included in his Powerpoint. Those designs are able to make our event real.

There is only one class remaining for this course. I am sure that I will miss this class after this trimester since I had a great experience during this trimester.