7521QCA Design Thinking-Week 10

In this week’s class, Carolyn explained the last two assessment tasks that include a team report and a team presentation.

A team report is about describing our team’s Design Thinking process and findings for our stated problem. In my understanding, the team report mainly answers two questions: what do we do and how do we do it. Carolyn recommended that the report is better to include 13 parts in the report, which shows in the image.

A team presentation is important that needs to include the design process of our final solution through a design thinking approach. We can use any presenting methods to show how we addressed a human problem, such as a video, an animation or Powerpoint.

After the class, I had a team meeting with my teammates. We allocated the parts of the report and presentation to each teammate. I was assigned to do the Prototyping selected ideas, Testing and refining ideas and Final solution. I would work on it through this week.

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