7152QCA Visual Communication-Week 12

1 min readMay 31, 2021


It is the last class for the course of Visual Communication. I cannot believe that time flies like this fast. I still remember the first week of this trimester. This class was the first class I took at Griffith University. It was such a good start that Rae’s encouragement gave me the courage to face the unknown school life.

In the last class, we present our final assessment, which is a video about our zine. Like the previous class, Rae points out the strengths and weaknesses of our work. Compare to the earlier version of my zine, the final output has made much progress because I have learned a lot from Rae’s feedback. I enjoy this process of learning.

I felt my growth in this course. I improved various software skills and learned to use typography and layout to produce a better visual effect for the reader. It was a fantastic course. Thanks a lot to Rae, who always kindly teach and help us to make progress.

I wish that I could come to campus next trimester, and I trust that studying on campus will be more efficient and helpful for learning.

Finally, this screenshot shows my self mark.